Thursday, 1 January 2015

New trap, new moth

Just before Christmas I treated myself to a new moth trap, a Robinson MV. This is the Rolls Royce of moth traps, as opposed to my actinic which is an Austin Metro by comparison.

It took me until New Years Eve to set the trap for the first time, but a promising night meant that I had to give it a go and I was not to be disappointed. There were six moths on the trap of five species, not a huge hall but a good selection.

Highlight was a Ypsolopha ustella, a new moth for me and for the garden. This is the only one of the family that flies through the winter, and its rather uniform appearance helps to distinguish it.

Ypsolopha ustella

The rest of the species were macro moths, with two species I had not seen since last winter. These were a very early Spring Usher and  Pale Brindled Beauty.

Pale Brindled Beauty

Spring Usher

There were also two Mottled Umbers and a Winter Moth, a good start to the year.

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