Saturday, 1 September 2012

Autumnal change

The autumnal feel in the weather has been matched by the appearance of a new moth for the garden. This time a beautiful Autumnal Rustic. This is a moth I had been hoping to record, and I was not disappointed when I saw the insect this morning.

Autumnal Rustic

I also recorded another new macro species this morning, one of the Treble-bars. Though it look like a distinctive moth, there are two very similar species - the Treble-bar and it's congener the Lesser Treble-bar. So I had an (undignified) look at the claspers at the tip of the abdomen, and by their long and pointed shape I was able to identify it as a Treble-bar.

With distinctive pointed claspers

The other new moth for the garden was a beautiful mico moth called Cydia splendana.

Cydia splendana

Other highlights in the trap were another Canary-shouldered Thorn, a Feathered Gothic and a Small Wainscot. Flounced Rustics made up a third of all moths caught with 17 individuals. There were also a few yet to identify, which I will get onto in the next couple of days.

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