Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Random highlights

A few odds-and-sods from the last few days around the garden. Firstly this species of fruit fly Tephritis neesii, which is proving to be quite common around the garden meadow. A quick look at its requirements shows why, it lays its eggs on the capitulum of Leucanthemum species. With Oxeye Daisy L. vulgare dominating the meadow, there is plenty of foodplant for these flies to go at.

Tephritis neesii

This Cabbage Stem Weevil Ceutorhynchus pallidactyllus was yet another discover on the outside wall of the house. This has probably come from a Brassica crop in a nearby garden.

Ceutorhynchus pallidactyllus

Finally, this nymph of the bug Harpocera thoracica. This will turn into a rather attractive Mirid bug, and one I will look out for later in the year.

Harpocera thoracica

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