Friday, 27 February 2015


Acting on information from Shropshire ecologist Dan Wrench, I had a walk up Novers Hills today to look for a new species of Bryophyte. Novers Hills is a wonderful botanical site, and one of the speciailities this site is the Strict Haircap (Polytrichum strictum). This moss is found on raised mires and wet heaths, with the area around the pools on Novers Hill providing the ideal habitat.

Strict Haircap (Polytrichum strictum)

I had a search for other Bryophytes and was rewarded with another new species, Hair-pointed Grimmia (Grimmia tricophylla). This rather swarthy-looking species was found in a few small clumps on rocks on the northeast side of the hill.

Hair-pointed Grimmia (Grimmia trichophylla)

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