Friday, 16 May 2014

Caer Caradoc

A beautiful Friday evening and to celebrate the end of the week, Jo and I took an evening walk from the house up to the top of Caer Caradoc. We realised that we had not been up here since September, so another ascent was overdue.

There were a few things to look at on the way. In the open woodland on the way to the summit were these Early Purple Orchids. Whilst I had been told by a neighbour that they could be seen here, it is the first time I have seen them. There did not seem to be much else in evidence on the woodland floor apart from these.

Early Purple Orchid

Early Purple Orchid

I also managed to get a reasonable picture of one of several micro moths flying in the grassland on the slope of Caradoc. Close investigation of the picture shows this to be one of the grass veneers, Crambus lathionellus.

Crambus lathionellus

The view from the top made the walk up worth it, along with the swifts which were flying around us close to the summit. Looking north we could see the Lawley and, in the far distance, the Wrekin.

North from Caer Caradoc

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