Wednesday, 15 August 2012


I ran my second trapping session at the weekend and got a bumper haul of 150+ moths, about 130 of which I managed to identify, including some really beautiful insects. Lots of new moths, with this Large Emerald a highlight roosting in a conifer by the trap. My list (in no particular order) was:

Large Emerald
New moths for the garden included Scarce Footman, Purple Bar, a Copper Underwing type (probably a normal copper underwing), Yellow-tail and Garden Carpet. I also had this attractive micro moth Carcina quercana, which was easy to identify as it adorns the front cover of the Micro Moth book.

Carcina quercana
Continuing the them of new species, there were five White-line Darts, four Dun-bar and two Dark Arches (including this one, note the pale W). 5

Dark Arches and a Scarce Footman
There were also two Dotted Clay, a Small Phoenix, Small Fan-footed Wave, and this Phycita roborella.

Phycita roborella
The other new species were Marbled BeautyFlounced RusticCommon Wave and Red-barred Tortrix. A successful and enjoyable session, and I only needed help to identify ten of them!

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